DENTIXIA 123 - One kit for all your dental hygiene needs!
Three Breakthroughs in One Powerful Kit for All Your Dental Restoration Needs!
Contains: Citrus Proteins
Experience the Benefits of Beautiful, Healthy Teeth Today!

We focus quite a bit on solving everyday dilemmas that are growing out of control. For example my wife went to a dentist to have her teeth cleaned and he wanted over $1,000. For most people this is a problem. And this is when I realized that the time had come to introduce a product that I had invented and been using for 30 years- DENTIXIA 123. This amazing group of three products (now patents pending) does a number of very remarkable things.

  1. DENTIXIA D1 removes calculus or the hardened plaque that accumulates on teeth in 2 or 3 brushings
  2. It also removes the bio film or saliva from the tooth for about 15 minutes leaving the tooth surface rough and exposed for additional treatments like...
  3. Brushing with DENTIXIA D2 two or three times whitens teeth safely with substantially less caustic chemicals than other professional whitening formulas. 
  4. DENTIXIA D2 also dissolves and rinses away old degraded gum tissue leaving your mouth looking kissably fresh.
  5. And finally, Dentixia D3, which restores or thickens the tooth's enamel in 2 or 3 brushings

Bringing safe, inexpensive health solutions to those who can't afford the luxury of traditional procedures or don't care to risk side effects associated with them is a primary pursuit at Horrigan Labs. After all, dental health and general overall health are completely intertwined and we believe it is your right and responsibility to pursue and preserve your own health.

DENTIXIA D1 is the first breakthrough discovery. D1 contains a proprietary extract from the peel of an uncommon species of fruit that removes lubricant from teeth for 10-15 minutes exposing a porous surface. This formula also removes hard, yellow calculus deposits  in a few brushings. It has been tested and proven safe on fillings, false teeth, braces and other dental appliances that might be installed in you mouth. Since it also removes the bio film or saliva covering the teeth, it is also a pretreatment for D2 and D3.  D1- removes calculus and saliva.

Dentists have been using DENTIXIA D1 in their practices to to save time. Presoaking with D1 makes a 30 minute cleaning take only 5 minutes

DENTIXIA D2 is the second breakthrough discovery. D2 contains a mild whitening  agent that also removes deteriorated tissue from the gums. When D2 does its thing, your teeth are whitened pleasantly using only a tiny percentage of the whitening professional agents need to accomplish the same effect. D2 also leaves your gums a beautiful pink color making your mouth kissably fresh looking.

DENTIXIA D2 is ideal for restoring enamel to children who slept with bottles of juice and ending up with acid eroded teeth

DENTIXIA D3 is the third breakthrough discovery. D3 contains a proprietary mineral formula which is micro ground and ionicly charged so that when it is rubbed onto the opened surface of the tooth it rebuilds the enamel. It actually thickens the teeth! This is handy for a number of reasons. First, thin teeth are more transparent and always appear gray. D3 fixes this. Secondly thinning teeth can chip, break  and become hyper sensitive. D3 fixes this.

DENTIXIA is not a tooth paste nor a mouth wash. It is a series of professional grade treatments to restore neglected teeth

And the good news doesn't stop there. DENTIXIA is not an every day chore. Use D1 until all calculus is gone. Depending upon your diet this doesn't need to be done again for many months.

Use D2 procedure any time you want to have a kissably fresh mouth. Whether a quick rinse before a hot date or job interview or monthly regimen for general oral health. Its up to you.

And the D3 treatment should be done three to five times as needed and thickening won't need to be done again for half a year or so, again depending upon diet and health conditions.

And more good news! Each DENTIXIA treatment (1, 2 and 3) kills germs and whitens teeth in a different way. If you have stained teeth from medicines D3 fixes this, If your teeth are stained from wine or tea, D1 fixes this. If your teeth are just stained from poor maintenance, D2 fixes this.

DENTIXIA is a valid treatment for dental caries (cavities) and periodontal disease (gum disease)!!!

When I first discovered DENTIXIA, I immediately knew it was the perfect dental solution for cheapskates like me. It turned out that many years later, it is the perfect dental solution for every one who still has their own teeth.


I am thrilled to bring you DENTIXIA 123. These advanced formulas help you not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but also improve and stabilize the overall health of your mouth, and ultimately your overall health, all at the same time.

Plus, DENTIXIA can be used at home in the convenience of you own bathroom, no appointment necessary.

for beautiful, healthy teeth...
David Horrigan, Founder of Horrigan Labs

P.S. DENTIXIA takes on three of your biggest oral hygiene issues, Calculus buildup, thinning or sensitive teeth and discolored teeth and gums all in one powerful kit. And the research behind DENTIXIA 123 leaves no doubt about it! Learn more and order today!

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